Balmer Hählen / Switzerland

Founded by Priscilla Balmer and Yvo Hählen, Balmer Hählen, which consists of a team of four people, has been established since 2013 in the heart of Lausanne. Since its creation, the studio has been involved in collaborations, particularly with designers, stylists and paper shapers. This graphic design exploration allows the studio to develop different types of medium such as print, digital or textile.
Their work is regularly exhibited in Switzerland and abroad, notably in several international poster competitions in China, Ukraine, Scotland and Japan, where the studio received the Tokyo Type Directors Club Annual Awards in 2018. Balmer Hählen sets itself apart by the special attention paid to the quality of its prints. Indeed, the duo worships beautiful prints and papers. Therefore, the studio is taking on the role of organizer of the next Independent Paper Show (2021) in Lausanne.                      

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